Aluminum Gutters

Properly installed and effective gutters help handle moisture runoff and keep it away from a house’s walls and foundation. The gutters funnel the water to the downspout on the ground where it’s directed away from the foundation of the home. This keeps the ground immediately around the house from becoming waterlogged and potentially leaking into the basement or causing other damage to the structure as well as surrounding landscaping.

Aluminum K-Style GuttersWithout gutters, rain runs down the roofline creating a waterfall effect. If the roof has a wide overhang, this may not be too much of a problem for the foundation. But entering and leaving the home without getting wet can be more difficult especially during heavy rains.

Aluminum is the most common gutter material used for many reasons. It is:

  • Widely available
  • Lightweight
  • Rustproof
  • Durable
  • Can be repainted in any color
  • Relatively inexpensive

Loring Building Products carries a full line of aluminum gutters, both in seamless k style and traditional half round, for contractors in Philadelphia, PA, eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and northern Maryland.

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